Order from Tom

IMG_0689Tom Boley is the force behind Red Oak Hollow Lathe Works and Tom’s Tools.  His shop, or “studio” as his wife calls it, had been in Loudoun County, Virginia, since July 2005 but at the end of August 2014, Tom and his wife moved to Kansas so now the shop is located in Pottawatomie County between Manhattan and Wamego.  This is a picture of Red Oak Hollow Lathe Works, also known as “the studio,” “the shop,” and the “home of Flint Hills Woodturners,” a woodturning club founded by Tom for the Manhattan, Kansas, area.

If you would like to order a set of Tom’s Tools, please contact Tom by e-mail at redoakhollow@gmail.com or by phone at 785-456-7890.   And you can see Tom’s other web site at redoakhollow.com.

Happy and safe turning to all.

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