Tom’s (individual) Tools

ToolsWeb12These are the bowl gouge and spindle gouge.  Both are about 2″ wide and about 13″ long.  Both will fit into the handle but the bowl gouge is usually the most impressive when I start my class or demonstration and have it in the handle.  Since the handle is about 24″ long, the whole thing is about three feet in length.  It sure makes for an impressive start.




This is the spindle roughing gouge.  About 2 1/4″ wide, it makes a particularly effective tool for showing to a large audience how to address the wood.



You will wonder how you ever got along without a parting tool as it is so effective in showing a group how to hold it to cut a tenon.



The set includes two round-nose scrapers, one with corners as it comes from the maker and the other rounded as if after many sharpenings over time.



You may order as many handles as you like but one comes with the set.  The basic handle is poplar but handles in oak, maple, cherry, walnut, or other woods are available at a slightly higher cost.



If you order a whole set, the tool stand is included at no additional cost.


I have often taken the bowl gouge to a student’s lathe to show with this big 2″ tool how to hold the tool to make the cut, then demonstrated with the real bowl gouge, followed by the student making the cut.  I have found these to be very successful in helping to show how to hold these tools and how to address the wood.




Finally, these are my “Signature Series” of wood turning tools with my signature laser engraved on each tool and “Tom’s Tools. Red Oak Hollow Lathe Works” laser engraved on the handle.

Unique Tools for Demonstrators